I am Eva Volmerson (1994), multi discipline artist from Moscow, based in Tallinn.

Studying ceramics in Estonian Academy of Arts allowed me to discover three dimensional way of seeing ideas, gave a sense of materials and their differences.

In my work I am focused on research and contemplation of human memory, time, domestic surroundings, relations and way nature connects with people.

Mediums and materials I use vary depends on what i think is better for particular project. My major interest is in ceramics, clay, photography, painting , video and nature materials.

collective installation with artist Laura Põld.

The slowly constructed installation in the small ARS Showroom gallery can be viewed as Eva Volmerson and Laura Põld's conceptual exercise and common conversation through materials and objects.

The multi-layered installation of various materials that has been growing for ten days does not relate to the artists' recent exhibitions nor does it directly emphasize the conceptual prism of those yet coming up. The cold, hibernal showcase-like gallery makes the artists' search for a different kind of a starting point for being and looking.

The title "Beautiful Necessity" has been borrowed from Kay Turner's research that focuses on describing domestic altars combined by women all over the world. According to the illustrations in Turner's book, erecting private altars seemed to be very familiar, resembling an artist's research process driven by self-trust and desire to build bridges leading to other people.

In my work I explore people stories, memories and their feelings about it. Contrast and detail of each. I try to find thin line between sameness and otherness of human living in society and trying to find "self" in it. When can we feel empathy to others, is it about going through same experience and situation? When we think we are lonely - is it true? Maybe we could be just thoughtful and attentive if we look at each other and see same.

Series of vessels in different materials (wood, metal, glass, grass, strings), deforming clay, experiment with a goal to illustrate our stories, reflect them in layers, find for each own "language". I want to illustrate that we all have own perception for everything and when we share it - we become closer to understanding each other.

Installation tells about conception of lie and wrong (as a feeling or condition). Can I make them as an abstraction, give them impersonal forms relying on my own experience? Exhibition includes a lot of small pieces. Each one is a representation of lie and wrong. Materials: clay, porcelain, glass.

A lot of lies becoming a "lie cake".
World filled with instructions what is wrong and right.
Something unclear we feel when it is wrong.
Massive bowl of wrong and half wrong things.
Something massive wrong we know about world.
Wrong aesthetic
When we know it is wrong even if it looks opposite.

Through objects I explore humanisation of something we call "non life form", like stone.. Relying on knowledge about stone origin, structure and location I interpreted its cycles of life (by making out of clay) in conjunction with human impact and importance of nature as a inspiration for human.

I see an art as a reflection of nature. Art was created layer by layer as stone was. I search for colors, marks and order of applying them on a sculpture. Process similar to million years stone birth.

I use my objects for pointing to the corner I think is interesting to observe.

Installation is a final set of long research about "face" object. It consists analysing and experimental work on a subject through 5 words: me, society, knowledge, myth, product design.

Interpretation is a very interesting and abstract process. It allows to look from different angles and try to be objective through subjective experience.

object and me
object and myth
we all make "masks" believing that it brings courage
object and product design
cold mask for tired eyes. made exactly for my face
object and society
a lot of fast one-line "blind" sketches of people together play as one portrait
all the faces I see become one

object and knowledge
What do we know about face. there is nose, eyes, chicks, mouth. I tried to forget visual memory of face as I know it. And became "blind". What do blind people know about face.
I made 4 portraits being totally blind just touching faces of people whom I had not known or literally never seen . 1 hour 1 person. What do I know about face now. It is just a relief and pieces. Attention to every part. No right or wrong notion. Important is beyond the face.
intuitive walk
Installation as a way of intuitive speaking out loud in a visual medium.

I used high fire clay for the man figures. Gypsum for plate and rusty wire for constructions
applied ceramics
Dishes I have made for " L I I V ceramics" brand.
melon teabowls
one day I went to a shop
and I saw a melon as a teabowl

Eva Volmerson artist, designer.


2016 - 2020 Estonian Academy of Arts, ceramics department, BA

2019 National College of Art and Design, Dublin (Erasmus)

2013 - 2014 The All-Russian state institute of cinematography of S.A. Gerasimov (VGIK)


2020 Eva Volmerson & Laura Põld. Beautiful Necessity, ARS Showroom, Tallinn

2019 Black and white photo course, EKA.

2019 A Conspicuous Collection, Galerii Zozimus, Dublin

2018 Vale, EKA ceramics students collective exhibition, Pirita Convent

Projects and courses / workshops

2018 "l i i v" ceramics brand established

2019 black and white photo lab, EKA photo department, curated by Tanel Verk

2018 Transformation, wood firing workshop Latvian Academy of Art, Riga

2017 Printed view + on glaze colors, VAA Nida Art Colony, organised by Vilnius Academy of Arts, , curated by Dalia Jakimavičienė


2018 Ott Kikkase Sihtstipendium loomingulise tegevuse ja enesearendamise toetamiseks, EKA

Tallinn / Moscow
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